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    Subject: Are they planning to shoot something out of the sky?

    Hey [[firstname]],

    You've got to check out John Tyler's
    latest podcast! Amazing!

    You can download it here right now:

    You're probably aware he's going through
    a bunch of bullsh*t, but you won't
    believe what happened now! Military aircraft and
    black helicopters flying over the house!

    Since we live in America and we never
    let assholes win, John will finally get
    his long-awaited victory at some point.

    However, what he's had to go through while
    waiting for justice is incredible.

    Listen NOW in his own voice!

    Talk to you later,

    (Your name)

    Subject: I knew that had to be horseshit

    Hey [[firstname]],

    What will they think up next?

    Have you been listening to John Tyler's
    Princess Podcast? You really should.

    He's taking a little time to address some
    of the ridiculous things people have said
    about him over the years.

    I know you've heard some of the crap.

    Those of us that know him realize he's
    a great guy that morons like to attack and
    say untrue shit about.

    The podcasts are really good, chock full
    of lots of great information.

    He's really funny, also. I think it's funny
    when he yells shit and fuck!

    You can download it here right now:

    Make sure to listen. You'll thank me later!

    Talk to you soon,

    (Your name)

    Subject line: Can I interest you in an extra $250 a day?

    Hey [[firstname]],

    I knew that would get you to open the email!

    I'm actually emailing you today to make sure
    you know about John Tyler's Princess

    You really should listen to this!

    Click here:

    He's hysterical, and he isn't afraid to stand
    up against assholes and terrorists, or people
    that feel they can only get ahead in life by
    speaking lies and threatening good folks.

    You probably already know about some of
    the shit John has to put up with, but you'll
    really enjoy hearing his unique perspective.

    And, he's so sweet and romantic. You'll
    absolutely love hearing him talk to
    his future wife!

    Anyway, I just had to share this with you!
    Make sure to listen today:

    Talk to you later,

    (Your name)

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